Alburgh Fire Department and Rescue Squad Request…


Help us to help you!

Have you ever driven around looking for a home or business? You know the name of the road and you have a number but as you drive you find that some buildings are not marked, some of the numbers have fallen off or the order of the numbers jump all over the place as you drive down the road! Doesn’t take long to get really frustrated does it!

Now imagine you’re on the Fire Department or the Rescue Squad and you’ve been called to a house on fire or for a person having a heart attack. And you run into the same situation!

If you have ever experienced a fire you know how FAST fire spreads. Often there is barely time to get out and away from danger. Staying on the phone with the 911 Dispatcher giving directions isn’t really an option. Illnesses or injuries pose a similar threat to human life because minutes, and even seconds count in a true emergency.

For your safety and to meet 911 requirements the address numbers should be visible for Emergency Personnel. Owners with long driveways should have 911 numbers on a post at the beginning of their driveway.

In an effort to help you, the Alburgh Fire Department has purchased a supply of 6”x18” signs with white reflective numbers/letters that can be attached in a matter of minutes. We offer to make these signs for you at the nominal fee of $15 each. If you are a senior citizens or disabled resident, we will install them free of charge.

Please download and print a copy of the order form and mail it to us at AVFD, 4 Firehouse Road, Alburgh, VT 05440.

You could also e-mail the completed order form to avfd@fairpoint.net or see any member for details.

Click here to download an order form